The PowerTools

Powerful open source tools for automated testing

The PowerTools

The PowerTools are a free suite of powerful tools for automated software testing. After originating in 2008 and maturing for a number of years, they were made open source.


The concept

The idea behind the PowerTools is to have a powerful, keywords based test engine that can be used for any automated testing solution. Its flexibility and extensibility allows it to be used in a way that suits an organisation rather than forcing the organisation to adapt to a tool. A number of interfacing modules that reuse existing (open source or free) tools supports interaction with many kinds of systems.


The features

The engine:

  • Reads tests from FitNesse, a spreadsheet or a model (Model Based Testing),
  • Supports keywords and data-driven testing,
  • Invokes instructions programmed in Java as well as scripted ones,
  • Makes it easy to work with test data,
  • Understands expressions with logical, comparison and maths operators,
  • Generates a detailed HTML log file and other reports,
  • Integrates well with FitNesse (using the Fit test system or its own test system).
  • Is well documented (including a high level design), and
  • Is easy to extend with new input formats, new reporting or new interfacing modules.


The interfacing modules support testing of:

  • Web applications (using Selenium WebDriver), and
  • Windows applications (using Auto IT).


The origin

The PowerTools were originally created by Martin Gijsen and are now also receiving contributions from the growing user community.

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